Cheap Jordans are loved by many, probably the fact that Michael Jordan started his rookie season with a bang. Throughout the years you needed a pair of Air Jordans to be in style, and was just apart of fashion. Michael Jordan and the Air Jordan line have dominated the NBA, and many opponents, but the Air Jordan XX3 may be the last pair. Not as bad as you may think, you still have 23 Air Jordans to pick from. If your in the market for a new pair of Air Jordans, we have a Air Jordan Release Dates page.

The Cheap Jordans are loved by many sneaker enthusiasts and are always a sell out. Air Jordan XI History Michael Jordan was now back in the NBA, and the Cheap Jordan Shoes was his shoe for the 1995-1996 season. But before Michael Jordan wore the model, Tinker had to design them.

So yeah, February was brutal when it came to new sneaker releases. Between All-Star, Yeezy, Diamonds and a whole hell of a lot more that we didn’t manage to mention on last month’s list because they were announced last second, it was a great but trying time to be a Cheap Jordans Online. And just when you thought there was time to rest your wallet and your sanity, here comes March with plenty of kicks to keep you occupied (and working to pay them off). While there is no major special holiday or themed kicks coming out this month, we are going to have more Cheap Jordan Shoes and Kobes, Reebok turning out a fitting tribute to Allen Iverson’s career and a lot more.

Tinker Hatfield thought that Nike should pull out all the stops and make a shoe out of materials that had never been used in a basketball shoe. At first, Tinker was thinking of using some high-end nylons, but good thing he changed his mind. Tinker wanted the Air Jordan 11 to look like a convertible, with a shiny body, so that is why the Cheap Jordans had patent leather.Not only was it the patent leather on the Cheap Jordans made them special, but the addition of a lightweight Phylon midsole with a full-length Air-Sole unit and full-length carbon fiber plate, as well as being supportive. But sadly, there were some defects in them.

For the look of the shoe itself, Tinker was (like always) thinking of some inspirations. If you’re an artist, then anything can inspire you, so when Tinker saw a yellow lawn mower you wonder how he fit that into the Jordan 11. According to Tinker: Air Jordan XI History“There are designers out there designing lawn mowers to look like sports cars.”.In 1995-96 playoffs, Michael had a bad spill wearing the Cheap Jordans, and the reason being is poor traction. Also the midsole would get creases very fast.


Last night against the New York Knicks, LeBron James wore a protective mask to prevent someone or something from accidentally breaking his nose again. But unlike masks he has worn in the past, LeBron opted to take his mask game to a different level, giving it an almost carbon-fiber look that is far different when seen up-close compared to when seen from afar. It doesn’t seem like much, but those little touches on James’ mask stand out from the ones Kobe Bryant and Kyrie Irving wore.

A new year means a new shoe design from Nike and Air Jordan. Nike Basketball was heading into a different direction with foamposite, shox, and big air bubbles in shoes. What can the Air Jordan 12 do to compete? Believe it or not the Cheap Jordan Shoes got started with a woman’s fashion shoe from the 19th century called “Nisshoki”. Michael is big on fashion, and he knows women have a lot of it. He did not care if you made fun of him for wearing a women’s wrist band or something else feminine.

But we’re not here to decide which mask was better; nope, we want you to decide which players rocked the best “Black Mask” kicks. As you can see, Bryant was still months away from his epic run with the Nike Kobe 8 so he was still wearing the Cheap Jordans System. Kyrie Irving had an amazing night in his first game with the black mask and Nike Hyperdunk PE combo, scoring a career-high 41 points (which he has tied since). Meanwhile, LeBron James helped lead the Heat to a beatdown of the Knicks (just what else is new?) in a Nike Zoom Soldier 7 PE. Would have been better if he was wearing black colorway of his signature kicks.

A lot of good qualities were on the Cheap Jordan Shoes, for example they had the Zoom Air unit (also the first Air Jordan to have a Zoom air unit), modified herringbone pattern for improved traction and a more improved carbon fiber shank plate.

On the Cheap Jordans there was more than just the women’s high heel for inspiration, but also the Japanese Rising Sun flag played a big role in the making. Air Jordan XII HistoryThe stitching down the sides resemble sun rays. If you look at past Air Jordan sneakers, you will notice the famous “23″ located somewhere on the model. On the Cheap Jordan Shoes Michael wanted a different look with his number 23. So an idea came to Michael Jordan to have 23 written down the tongue, written like this: Two 3.

Bohemian Fall

Take your summer boho style into fall.


For those of you who dream of endless summers…

Embrace your summer hair year around!

Nothing more nothing less than a beautiful mess!


On a recent trip to Hualalai (Big Island) I discovered Calley O’Neill and The Rama Exhibition. Nestled in a garden at the Four Seasons Resort at Hualalai was Calley painting a large canvas that caught my eye because it was like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Saturated colors, animals, fruits, vegetables and sealife. Surreal. Calley noticed my interest in her work and began telling me her story. All these paintings were done by her and Rama. Rama is the Oregon Zoo artist elephant who paints. Rama paints the backdrop which is an abstract melange of colors and Calley paints her visions over Rama’s work.

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